Invasion by Nandita Nair


Autumn lives with her mother and little sister Sierra. She is usually not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but, when a series of strange events goes on in her town and globally, ones that are blamed on aliens, she starts to believe.  Soon, strange abductions are taking place, and people are dying.  It’s not easy for her to fully believe, but she witnesses it for the first time, during an alien invasion. What will happen to her and the rest of humanity?


This book was amazing! There is a great plot twist at the end, and it’s fun to read about Autumn’s experiences throughout the invasion. This book really gets the reader to question what they would do during the end of the world in an alien invasion. I would give this book a 10 out of 10!


If you are interested in this book, you can purchase this book on amazon! Please see below:


This is now one of my favorite books, so please read! Please comment if you read this book and liked it!





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