Sophia’s War by Avi

If you all have noticed, I have not been writing for quite a while now. I just needed to catch up on my reading is all. Today, I’ll be writing about an amazing book called Sophia’s War.

When America is fighting against the British, a vast amount of people were split up into two groups, those who supported the British ( Loyalists ), or those who wanted to fight for their freedom and become a separate country ( Rebels ). Sophia, who is seen as “just” a girl in 1776, had a simple life with her parents, and brother fighting in the war on the rebel’s side. But, it all changes when a British officer is forced onto Sophia’s family in their loyalist town. Sophia and her family have to keep their secret of being a rebel to them selves. But, one day something very strange indeed happens to Sophia, especially since she is a girl. She is enlisted as a rebel spy. Her being a girl is the biggest cloaking mechanism that works for her, because no one suspects a girl of doing anything such as what Sophia’s new job is. When her spying gets her some information that just might change the whole war, Sophia has to get it to the American generals. But, she has to hurry, for if she fails in delivering her information, the Americans will lose the war and if her identity is figured out, she will be condemned to a death by hanging…

I loved this book. It is so inspirational to girls who think they are less to anyone else. Sophia is a very strong character indeed. This is definitely a book worth reading, one that I of course recommend. I give this book a 10 out of 10!


If you would like to buy this book or see a free preview on, please see below:


Please comment if you read this book and liked it. Again, I would love to know! 🙂





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