Holes by Louis Sachar

When Stanley Yelnats comes home from school one day, everything changes because of his no good, rotten, dirty, pig stealing great, great grandfather. He thinks he got accused for a crime he did not commit because of the bad luck cursed onto his family member. At a trial Stanley has only two options ( very severe ones I think ) : go to a camp to dig holes ( in the hot, hot sun), or he goes to juvie. ” I’ve never been to camp before “, are the words Stanley says that seals the deal. It’s camp Green lake for him. But, what is the whole purpose of this camp? It can’t just be for building character by digging holes like the warden says, if that were true then why do campers get a day off for finding something interesting in their hole? If the whole purpose of the camp is that one thing, then finding something interesting shouldn’t be such a big deal….

Wow! The ending and surprises in this book were so great! I really loved this book because it has some unexpected twists! I definitely recommend it even though it is not exactly my favorite book. It was kind of hard to derive the meaning of the book at times because of the style of writing, but overall it was amazing and I give it a 9 out of 10!

If you would like to buy this book or see a free preview on Amazon.com see below:




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