On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer

Joel and Tony have been best friends since forever. Tony is a sharp adventurous boy, and although Joel may be afraid to take his dares sometimes, he knows that Tony is the most exciting boy around. One day, Tony suggests he and Joel ride down on their bikes to Starved Rocks so that hey can climb it. At first, Joel is afraid to go, knowing how dangerous the bluffs are. But, after taking permission from his father, Joel let himself be talked into riding to the place. On their way, the boys spot the Vermillion river. Tony, who had refused earlier to go in the swimming pool, agrees to swim in the Vermillion river instead. Angry at how brave Tony is knowing that the river is dangerous and dirty, he dares him in a race to the sandbar. Then the unthinkable happens; after Joel finishes the race he turns to look for his best friend. He realizes that he is gone.


This book is amazing. If you think I have spoiled the book for you, don’t worry, it is a very short book and is mostly about Joel coping with his guilt over losing Tony. This is a highly recommended read from me.  Bauer really hooks the reader and puts them in Joel’s place. She has such vivid descriptions. I would definitely give this book a ten out of ten!

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I really hope you enjoy, and I encourage you to comment about what you really liked in this book if you read it, or if you can relate to Joel.






The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine

I have been VERY busy lately, and so haven’t been able to catch up on my blog. I finished this book many days ago, and as you can see have only been able to write about it now. I hope you enjoy, and read this book because of my review. It’ll be worth it!

In the kingdom of Bamarre, young Addie and her sister Meryl stand as princesses to the Bamarre thrown.With a cowardly father, and a dead mother, the two princesses have only each other from where they can find comfort. One day disaster strikes, leaving Addie to go on a magical quest to help her loved ones. In the way are trolls, dragons, and many more fearful creatures of Bamarre. But, she has limited time, for if she can not return she risks her sister’s life, and Bamarre’s fate hangs in the balance.


I loved this book, Levine really pulls the reader into the magical kingdom of Bamarre, constantly making them wonder what will happen next to Addie and Meryl. I really enjoyed the ending, because it had a HUGE twist, although I wish it had worked out the way I had hoped, I am glad Levine tried to make it a little different than a perfect happily ever after. If you ever read this book, I hope you understand what I meant. Comment if you agree with me about the ending, or if you don’t. I would also like to know who your favorite character was. Levine definitely has multiple strong personalities in her novel. I would give this book a 10 out of 10! I definitely would make this a recommended read!

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I really hope you enjoy, and remember, comment!



Define Normal by Julie Ann Peters


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Antonia lives with her sick mom and two little brothers, and if that’s not enough responsibility, she gets paired for peer counseling with Jazz Luther. Jazz is not the average middle schooler, with her punk style and constantly colored hair. She even has a piercing on her tongue.  Of course Antonia with straight A’s, and a teacher’s pet has a instant disliking to Jazz. But, when her mother, after many days of lying sick in bed after their father left, suddenly gets better, everything goes wrong. The day that started in tragedy, brought two seemingly different girls together in a remarkable way and maybe Jazz will be the one who puts Antonia back together, the one who actually helped Antonia love her mom more than ever, and bring her family back together.  So, really, if these two completely different girls can get together someone needs to define normal.

This book is great. It is the story of two remarkable girls, Jazz with a hidden talent underneath her punk look, and the story behind Antonia. At the end, the reader is hit with a shock, and will cheer for the two girls after the final page is turned. I recommend this books who like family stories, or those of friendships. I would give this book a 8 out of 10.






A Pocket Full of Murder by R.J Anderson


In Tarretown, a place run by magic, where nobles and the higher classes rule over the poor, Isaveth and her family only have enough money to use common household magic to heat their home or light it. This magic was made for the lower class who could not afford the expensive magic reserved for people in higher classes than them.  But, one day Isaveth’s father is wrongly accused of Governor Orien’s murder using common magic. Lawkeepers are forced to suspect him because of a suspected grudge against the governor and the fact that common magic was used to kill him. The poor were not allowed to use higher forms of magic, leaving them to only use common magic to do things or misuse them by killing someone. Isaveth and her three sisters are heartbroken, which leaves Isaveth to sleuth around and figure out who the real murderer is and clear her father’s name. Along the way, she meets a peculiar eye-patched boy named Quiz. The two are an unstoppable pair, finding more clues every step they take. But, is Quiz really helping Isaveth out of friendship? Or does he have hidden motives of his own? And, will Isaveth be able to clear her father’s name and find the true murder?


This book was amazing, and I wished it didn’t end after I read the last word. I loved the huge shock of Quiz’s true identity, and learning who the real murderer is. At first, it was hard to derive the book’s meaning because of the unexplained magic, but eventually the book explains, so don’t worry! I definitely recommend this book. I would give this book a 10 out of 10!




Invasion by Nandita Nair


Autumn lives with her mother and little sister Sierra. She is usually not one to believe in conspiracy theories, but, when a series of strange events goes on in her town and globally, ones that are blamed on aliens, she starts to believe.  Soon, strange abductions are taking place, and people are dying.  It’s not easy for her to fully believe, but she witnesses it for the first time, during an alien invasion. What will happen to her and the rest of humanity?


This book was amazing! There is a great plot twist at the end, and it’s fun to read about Autumn’s experiences throughout the invasion. This book really gets the reader to question what they would do during the end of the world in an alien invasion. I would give this book a 10 out of 10!


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This is now one of my favorite books, so please read! Please comment if you read this book and liked it!




Wonder by Raquel J. Palacio

August Pullman was always seen as strange to other kids. Not because of his behavior, but his facial features. He was born with a cleft palate, which makes his face disfigured. This story is about August Pullman’s struggles with other kids and the bully Julian, and not being excepted for him. His life is a roller coaster of emotions, starting from a betrayal of a best friend to so many other events that he has to push through. Palacio is a great author, who wrote a great book.

I loved this book, it is definitely a must read. Please, please, please read this book and give it a chance, you won’t regret it. I would give this book a 10/10.


You can purchase this book on Amazon.com. If you are interested, please see below:


If you liked this book, this is not technically a series, but there is a book which gives the point of view of the other characters in this book called Auggie and Me, there is also a movie coming out, soon ,based on this book.





Sophia’s War by Avi

If you all have noticed, I have not been writing for quite a while now. I just needed to catch up on my reading is all. Today, I’ll be writing about an amazing book called Sophia’s War.

When America is fighting against the British, a vast amount of people were split up into two groups, those who supported the British ( Loyalists ), or those who wanted to fight for their freedom and become a separate country ( Rebels ). Sophia, who is seen as “just” a girl in 1776, had a simple life with her parents, and brother fighting in the war on the rebel’s side. But, it all changes when a British officer is forced onto Sophia’s family in their loyalist town. Sophia and her family have to keep their secret of being a rebel to them selves. But, one day something very strange indeed happens to Sophia, especially since she is a girl. She is enlisted as a rebel spy. Her being a girl is the biggest cloaking mechanism that works for her, because no one suspects a girl of doing anything such as what Sophia’s new job is. When her spying gets her some information that just might change the whole war, Sophia has to get it to the American generals. But, she has to hurry, for if she fails in delivering her information, the Americans will lose the war and if her identity is figured out, she will be condemned to a death by hanging…

I loved this book. It is so inspirational to girls who think they are less to anyone else. Sophia is a very strong character indeed. This is definitely a book worth reading, one that I of course recommend. I give this book a 10 out of 10!


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Please comment if you read this book and liked it. Again, I would love to know! 🙂




Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

When Marty Preston comes walking home one day, he sees a scared dog who flinches when he comes near. When the dog starts to follow him home,Marty gets attached. He has to keep the dog secret from his family because they can not afford to keep a dog, so Marty eats half his meals and gives the rest to the dog who he hides in his backyard. One day, Marty finds out that this dog already has an owner named Judd Travers, who drinks too much and has a gun. Turns out the dog ran away from his former owner. Marty is determined to keep the dog (whom he has now named Shiloh) from his abusive owner, which is the reason Shiloh flinches when Marty tried to pet him at first. But, that can’t happen because he does not own the dog. How will Marty keep his beloved Shiloh safe?

This was a good book that that pulls at the reader’s heart strings, and if you are sentimental about dog books, this one is ok to read because the dog does not die at the end, which I am happy to say. I would give this book a 10 out of 10!

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Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi

After his mother dies Crispin is lost, with no family or place to call his own after the villagers burned it down. While wandering through the forest, Crispin accidentally stumbles upon a secretly held conversation between the steward, who held all the power in his town, John Aycliffe and a mysterious man. Crispin was obviously not supposed to hear the conversation, so he ran from the angry steward clutching the last thing his mother gave to him : a cross made of lead with a little writing on it ( Crispin can’t read) .On his way he meets Bear, a man who captures him and makes him his apprentice. But, the questions start coming, who is Crispin really? And what does his cross say….

This book was good. It made the reader question so many things along the way, and when they finally got the answers it was a big shock! This book needs some time to start going, because it is a little slow at the start. I used to not like it, but then it became really good. Other people don’t really like this book because of the slow starting, but it really just needs a chance. This is not a a book for everyone, if you like to take chances with reading then pick up this book, you won’t regret it! I would give it a 8 out of 10!

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